Founding Members

The founding members of the network are 10 leading African Civil Society Organizations actively engaged in community based reintegration efforts in their respective countries throughout Africa.

Several of the founding members were engaged in the formation of the network since the 2018 Africa Reintegration symposium, others were invited to join based on their impact and proven track-record.

The Network addresses several fundamental gaps in the current approaches to reintegration processes and the collective membership offer strategies for the practical application of inclusive reintegration tactics.
Collectively, the founding members possess front line experience and have generated best practices in community-based reintegration, reconciliation, psychosocial support and mental health strategies, preventing and countering violent extremism, insider mediation, engagement with traditional and religious leaders, the women peace and security agenda, security sector reform and youth empowerment.

Together, they are a diverse group of community leaders associated with different levels, responsibilities, mandates, and functions in peace processes throughout Africa and this platform engages and coordinates to broaden the frame of reference in reintegration strategies.


Neem Foundation

Neem Foundation is a leading crisis response organization committed to promoting the protection and wellbeing of populations and communities living in contexts affected by conflict, violence and fragility.



Centre for Social Cohesion, Peace and Empowerment (CENSCOPE) is a non-profit organization that focuses on promoting the ideals of self-sustainability, equality and social justice to the members of the society, it was founded in the year 2014 out of the need to give succor and support to the victim of arm conflict and natural disasters in Nigeria.

Elman Peace Centre is a peace and development organization founded in Somalia. Dedicated to promoting and establishing durable solutions to peace, cultivating leadership and empowering the most marginalized and most vulnerable brackets of society to be decision makers in the processes that ensure their wellbeing. EPC specializes in community based reintegration, security sector reform and insider mediation.



The Collective of Organizations for the Defense of Human Rights and Democracy (CODDHD) is an apolitical and non-denominational framework for consultation and action, which was created on October 8, 2000 by Nigerien human rights organizations.

DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE OF WEST AFRICA [DIWA] is a nonprofit organization. DIWA’s mission is to increase the quality of life of vulnerable communities through a variety of humanitarian and development projects.



We are a national, non-profit, non-governmental, youth-led organization created in 2002 by a group of young people who migrated from remote communities across Cameroon into Yaoundé. With the burning aspiration to respond to some of the growing challenges facing young people.

The Community Coalition for Peace and the Promotion of Living Together (COPAVE) implemented a capacity building training for CSOs and government representatives, focusing on the necessary tools and techniques of identifying, analyzing, and addressing the issue of R&R in Diffa.



Local Action for Participatory and Self-Managed Development (ALDEPA) is a non-profit NGO, created in May 1998 and legalized as an association on November 4, 2002 then as an NGO on September 17, 2017.



Maintains a broad and intellectual vision on the prevention of different types of themes on radicalization and violent extremism. CEDPE strategy is based on the short, medium and long term by focusing its activities on youth and gender because it is also convinced that the prevention of violent extremism must go through an educational approach from an early age.



The Association for Humanitarian Action and Sustainable Development (ACHDR) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) under Chadian law created in 2014 in Goz-Beida in the Sila Region (border area with Sudan / Darfur) following an in-depth reflection initiated by Chadian executives with various experiences in emergency management and development actions with the aim of stimulating social and economic change in Chad in general and in the East of the country in particular.


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